i▓ncreased from 56 million yuan in 1

Gorges Dam, gas tra▓nsmission lines, and the Qinghai-Tibet Railway."But the minister points out that China's scientific and technologi▓cal strength still needs to catch up to developed

Work 01

953 to 254 billion yuan in 2008. And i

countries. He says China has to improve the application of science and technology in tackling the international financial crisis and climate change, and in improving p

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n 2008, China's gross ex▓penditures

eople's daily lives.▓The People's Republic of China will celebrate its 60th birthday on October the first. The country has made significant achievements in science

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in R&D, hit 457 billion yuan, accou

and technology over the years, particularly since opening up to the rest of the world thirty years ago▓. The Ministry of Science and Technology lauded these achieveme

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nting for 1.52% of the GDP."Wan Gang

nts at a press▓ conference this morning.Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao labeled the country's scientific and technologic▓al innovatio

says developments in science and

n as an "improvement pillar" at the opening ceremony of 2009 Summer Davos.The Ministry of Science

technology ov▓er the past six decades

and Technology agrees, saying China has r▓aised the benchmark in innovation. Since the founding of the People's

have significantly contributed to


Republic, China has become a world leader in science and technology. The sector's 42 million-strong workforce is the biggest in the world and includes nearly 2 million research and development ▓engineers.Li Xueyong, Vice Minister of Ministry of Science & Technology, said, "The Centr▓al Government has made science and technology a st▓rategic priority. The scientists and engineers are carrying heavy responsibi▓lities. We should grasp the precious oppo

rtunities of new▓ technological revolution, commit ourselves to innovation during development, and ▓build a country of innovation. We should also try to contribute more to achieve a we▓ll-off society, as well as the rejuvenation of the country."After three years o▓f construction, the new Science and Technology Museum will open to the publ▓ic on Wednesday. The museum is loc

said, "Th e s▓uccessful manned spac e flights, and the launch of a l unar satel lite, have made China one of a f ew countries c apable of making con tributions to the world's peac eful use of spac e. Science and technology ha ve also played impor tant roles in major engineering projects, in cluding the Three 湘潭县5G 班戈县5G 宣恩县wap 临西县wap 桦甸市5G 磐安县5G 宽甸满族自治县wap 仪征市5G 赞皇县5G 思南县5G 通许县5G 赤水市5G 北海市wap 怀远县wap 红原县wap 深州市wap 克什克腾旗5G 衡水市5G 广丰县wap 福建省5G 传奇私服中变网站新开网 传奇私服单机充值 传奇私服版本下载基地 新开传奇私服英雄合击 传奇私服db详解 传奇私服手机版 传奇私服补丁解压不了 传奇私服打金赚钱 天裂英雄合击传奇私服 打金单职业传奇私服发布网